Alternative fuels

Natural power vehicles form a key part of IVECO’s strategy of providing customers with trucks and vans that are more sustainable – for the environment and their bottom line.

We understand that greenhouse gases and pollution are an issue that cannot be neglected; and to make freight transport more sustainable, new solutions are needed. With 25 years of continuous improvement behind them, IVECO natural power vehicles maximise the environmental advantages of alternative fuels such as natural gas.

IVECO Stralis Natural Power (NP)

Equipped with a 460hp engine that has the same payload as equivalent diesel trucks, the Stralis NP has a range autonomy of up to 1,500km. This means that your drivers can travel from Madrid to Frankfurt without refuelling.

EuroCargo Natural Power

Powered by an economical 6-litre Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engine, the new IVECO EuroCargo NP delivers improved performance – 204hp and 750Nm maximum torque.

This vehicle’s lowered emissions make it Euro 6 Step C compliant, allowing you to enter CO2-restricted city centre zones to complete multi-drop missions.

IVECO Daily Blue Power

The IVECO Daily Blue Power range offers a sustainable and efficient solution for urban transport of people and goods. It combines technology, low emissions, performance and efficiency.

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